Feral Machines

what are the roots that clutch, what branches grow out of this stony rubbish?

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Spirit is a Drider

Length: 283 words


Peli Grietzer [5:57 PM]

yeah. oh it reminds me that there's a great theory piece to be

written about how faeries are always simultaneously pre human and post-human. like, they're both closer to the animalistic (pointy ears and whatnot, forests) and hyper-technological, hyper-cultural. in d&d the paradox was negotiated away by distinguishing high elves and wood elves, but obviously that's wrong and misses the whole point

0xdeba5e12 [5:57 PM]

it necessitated the drow, as the true synthesis!

the drow are the return of the repressed identity of high elves and wood elves. see, i can still do freudo-hegelianism!

Peli Grietzer [5:58 PM]

omg, yes, like, they're even more cultured than high elves, and then, they live in fucking caves and are matriarchal, literally cave people! fuck, this... actually works

0xdeba5e12 [5:59 PM]

and they transform their criminals into spider-creatures! who resemble their highest goddess! driders!

Peli Grietzer [6:00 PM]

so, like, not even the higher animals but the lower animals?

0xdeba5e12 [6:00 PM]

yup! a drider is a spider centaur, more or less. torso of a drow (usually male), lower half being an enormous spider but here's the thing, the drow goddess also has that form!

Peli Grietzer [6:00 PM]

lucca this is so good, i don't even feel like this is a 'lol you can do freudo-hegelianism to anything' riff, it literally works

0xdeba5e12 [6:00 PM]

the highest and most base are one

it seriously does!